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~ niji's log ~

~ Oct. 19, 2000 ~

i've added the polls page and joined some webrings. u may also notice that i changed the pic in the front page and added a pic for the laruku page. c ya later~

~ niji ~

~ Oct. 16, 2000 ~

heyhey~~ the links page is up and i added some affiliates (i won't mind if you click on some of them, or even download/purchase something from there too ^_^). i'm getting a bit depressed, cuz the weather here is making a dramatical change from good to bad. it's always cloudy and rainy and stuff T_T guess summer has finally come to an end....

~ niji ~

~ Oct. 13, 2000 ~

got up kinda worried this morning, friday the 13th AND a full moon... anyways, i added a guestbook and a counter (finally) so i can see how well my site is doing. hope nothing bad happens today.....>_<

~ niji ~

~ Oct. 11, 2000 ~

added links to my laruku and glay pages on the index page. site still going slow. trying to find a good counter and guestbook....

~ niji ~

~ Oct. 8, 2000 ~

site opening! yay! my first log! site is still coming slowly, however (school). not much content yet, but i will try to get some updates.

~ niji ~